Carolyn and Aaron:

"Whitney was a joy to work with for our wedding!  Her ceremony is thoughtful, unique, and rang true in our hearts!  She made the rehearsal a breeze and was a pillar of calm in the middle of a bustling busy wedding day."

Brad and Julie:

"Whitney was wonderful! Friendly, flexible, and above and beyond helpful immediately before the ceremony. Our top-of-the-lighthouse wedding was smooth, stress-free and dreamlike!"

Lisa and Steve:

“Whitney treated us to a very professional and warm ceremony. We both found her friendly, articulate, and thanks to her, everything went off without a hitch.”

Matt and Shawn:

"Our wedding vowel renewal experience was especially easy, comfortable, and heart felt; in a word perfect. We appreciate your flexibility in meeting our short notice, location and time of day. Even though we were traveling across the United States and we had never met before, your easy demeanor and compassion for our situation made for a very comfortable situation.

Your ceremony was extremely well written and very appropriate. We couldn't have done better if we wrote the words ourselves. We appreciate everything you did to make our 10th anniversary a very special moment in our lives that we will cherish forever. Shawn and I wish you all the best."

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